DKCI Events


DKCI Events now offers the services of a young, award-winning film maker, to bring focus to your event or brand.

 Picture of people in roses fieldsWhat's in a name?
That which we call a rose...
By any other name would smell as sweet;

William Shakespeare was right on.... but 400 years later our techno-savvy world requires that a rose not only has to smell sweet, its has to be grown in organic soil, be of robust and lasting beauty, have a true rose fragrance and be perfect to behold. It also has to be delivered to you wrapped, packaged or digitalized to capture its place in time and space.

It has to convince you that this ROSE is the best ROSE FOR YOU!

Engage The Best of Canada and let our team work for you to present your product, service or simply the essence of you in a truly unique way.

Reach your target market or network. Realize your goals. Re-Brand YOU....  your product or service. You will find a niche. You were born unique. 

Use readily available social networking or communication sites to the fullest. Whether you are technological fast forward or 
stand out from the crowd show your true ROSE colours or just show-off, bond with your potential clients in a unique way that gives them a preview of not only what you can do, but why you do it best.

Our professional team will work with you and help you develop a 1-3 minute high definition presentation of your image, product or service profile.

We’ll coach you on the best way to present and define you, your product or skills, or brand!

We are located in the GTA, We work across Canada.